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 This online Embroidery Motif Wiki is an index of some typical English motifs found in Elizabethan and Early Stuart embroideries. It shows a selection of the impressive variety of stitches and colors used by the embroiderers of the time that resulted in many variations of each motif.


Being able to see these variations collected together, rather than spread across in their originating extant items, makes the comparison of their differences much easier. This is why we made our collections, which we are now sharing with you.


The images have been obtained from various museums' online collections.


This collection currently encompasses the 16th and 17th century embroidery techniques described in the Glossary (link below).


This is a collaboration between Jen (Pinkleader) and Megan (Elmsley Rose).


NOTE: This is still very much under construction.


16th and 17th Century Embroidery Motifs from extant pieces:


Floral Motifs


Insect Motifs

Bird Motifs




Animal Motifs


Tree Motifs


Leaf Motifs


Stumpwork Specialties :


Patterns and Line Drawings






Orphan Images - Can you help us?


Unknown Flowers and Critters - Can you help us?


Glossary of terms and notations




Copyright Permissions Page



Sources of Extant Items: 


Victoria and Albert Museum Link


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Minneapolis Institute of Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

where are you, images?


Embroidered Bookbindings at the British Library



English Embroidered Bookbindings, author Cyril Davenport



Royal English Bookbindings, author Cyril Davenport



*Banner image taken from personal photogragh of Boston MFA #34.226


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