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Intro: Raising of a Peer

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Having run or assisted with several vigils in the past few years, some aspects of the process now seem almost second nature to me now.  But there are many who will only run a vigil once, and there is no manual for such an important operation.  Please accept this as an attempt to create such a manual and central location for all of the many aspects that surround the process.  Please note that these are Atlantian specific practices, and might even be Vair and Ermine Vigil Services specific. While they may translate to other kingdoms, please check with your Order Principal before doing something different.  We do get a bit stuck on our own traditions, and something might have a meaning that you don't know of off hand.  These are specifically for candidates that have been watched and polled for by the Orders of the Laurel, Pelican or Chivalry.  While others have sat a vigil outside of this context, such as a couple sitting vigil before taking the Crown of a Kingdom, this article will focus mainly on the polling orders.


How does it all begin?

Generally, a candidate is observed by a particular Order and they are polled for by the Crown.  After the King and Queen have deliberated over the counsel given them, they decide to elevate or wait.  Please note that a polling is not a vote.  Each Crown will have their own standards by which candidate elevation is chosen.  They take into account the answers of those geographically near and far, the level of passion, the percentage of abstains, and many other factors.  Once the Crown has come to Their decision, generally the Order Principal, the candidate's Peer, and any significant others are informed.  If the candidate doesn't have a Peer, then the Order Principal takes the responsibility of finding someone close to run the vigil and organize the ceremony.  If they have a Peer, but not in the Order they are being elevated to, the Peer works with the Order Principal on covering all the bases and communicating the plans with the rest of the Order.  Once the Crown has made the decision and someone has been put in charge, then you get to work on the plans for the vigil and elevation ceremony. While these items are not listed in order of importance, they are organized in a natural flow of the day.

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