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Vigil Hospitality

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After making a private space for the vigil itself as special and personalized as you can, you must consider the guests.  Having a fine hospitality area not only allows more gentles to help and contribute, it is a testimony to the support that the candidate has upon joining the order.  Having a welcoming staging area for the visitors encourages them to stay in the line and gives the opportunity to share stories about the gentle sitting vigil.  Space for hospitality is key, whether indoors or out, and you should plan for twice as much space for the hospitality as for the vigil.  At an indoor event, you can use a room divided into the private vigil space and the hospitality area.  In a pinch, a wide hallway at the entry to the vigil room will work as well.  Allow enough room for visitors to sit, stand, meander, chat, etc. If you are at an outdoor event, always have another tent or dayshade to house the hospitality.  If it is raining or dewy, you want to keep the food and visitors warm and dry.  If it is a clear sunny day, you want to offer shade to prevent both visitors and food from melting. 


After the space, the biggest part of hospitality is the food and drink provided to both the candidate and visitors.  It is a given that for most there will be some wait involved before visiting the candidate.  To alleviate the wait, as well as to encourage visitors to stay, something for them to nosh on is imperative. You'll also need to provide refreshments of some variety, if not for your visitors, then for the candidate and guards. The food you choose to provide can say a lot about the candidate.  Some have chosen to make an entire spread of treats tailored to the candidate's persona and time period.  Some are restricted to buying food ready made at the grocery store.  Mistress Isobel has great tips for finding appropriate foods at your average grocery store that will not cost an arm and a leg, but will also stay in the period feel of the surroundings.  Remember that it is not your job to feed the entire event, just to make sure that some folks have some snacks to eat. 

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