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Vigil space set-up

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There are many pieces of the vigil to set-up and make it ready for the candidate.  The first thing you need to start with is a quiet and private place for the candidate to meet with visitors.  If this is an indoor event, you may be offered a room.  If the event is outdoors, plan on rounding up a tent.  The space given should be large enough to comfortably fit a few people, but should be small enough to be cozy and intimate.  You don't want to have to yell vigil advice across a large space, but neither do you want to be elbow to elbow. We have found a 10x10 space to be just about right for the actual private space the candidate will sit in.  A small pavilion sized for storage of arming equipment seems to be a perfect solution (if aired out properly).  If you are given a larger indoor room, using room dividers or banner display equipment can divide the space into private vigil room and hospitality area.


Once you have found the space, you need to furnish it.  Generally you want one comfortable period looking seat for the candidate, and two seating spaces for visitors.  Some visitors like to pair up to move the line along faster, and the Crowns, Heirs, and Baronage will generally go in at the same time.  After seating, a small table is necessary for the candidate to put their food and drink on.  This is also a great place to display items of regalia such as the medallion, medallions of other awards earned, small physical works done by the candidate, or possibly a small vase of flowers.  If there is room, another table may be used for a larger display of works as well as a place to display the scroll.  You can also add in carpets to make the ground nicer and more comfortable.  Other decorations you may consider are putting the cloak on display, a banner of their arms, decorative wall hangings, etc.


The vigil space itself is a great space to personalize for the candidate.  I've seen a dais turned into a mass of pillows to resemble a Turkish boudoir.  Use the candidate's favorite color liberally.  Use flowers, pottery, etc. tailored to their persona. 

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