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Vigil Visiting Tips

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Vigil Visiting Tips that seem to work in Atlantia: 


1. If you mostly want to issue congratulations, or if what you have to say isn't deeply personal, consider going in a group to visit the candidate. This lets the candidate visit more people in the little amount of time given. It also shows you understand the time constraints and are willing to compromise.


2. Check with the person minding the line. Let them know that you'd like to get in, and that it means a lot to you. Sometimes they can slip you in while waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom or something. 


3. Pop into the vigil hospitality area periodically if you have other things to do. It could be that the third time you come back there is practically no wait. 


4. Go over in your mind the basics that you want to get out, so you can maximize the time given. 


5. Sign the vigil book. Even if you don't get in, it shows the person that you wanted to visit them and gives them a record of those in attendance that came to support them.


I've actually had the pleasure to be involved in several vigils of friends and acquaintances. I can tell you that a lot depends on the person running the vigil. I've been to vigils that inspired awe, and some that disappointed me.

(Hello, my name is Gen and I've become a vigil snob.)

Ultimately the candidate's happiness and comfort is the main goal. But if the person running the vigil recognizes that the person staffing the hospitality table thinks enough of the candidate to work for them, then they will probably think to give them a break and let them visit. I've let several non-peers ahead of me in line at a vigil for the reason that I recognized that they were closer to the candidate than myself. I've learned that not everyone can anticipate the needs of others. I'm still coming to grips with the fact that not everyone should have to. :) 

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